Dedicated To Promoting Safety Of Operations
And Continued Development Of
Melbourne Area Airports


Whether A Pilot Or A Friend Of Aviation, Support
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The Melbourne Area Pilots Association is a not-for-profit organization largely

Comprised of pilots from the Melbourne, and Valkaria.  It was formed when pilots became alarmed at happenings at Melbourne Airport and realized the need for joining together to show support for proper development of the airport and safety in the air above and on the ground.

Soon it became evident that all our local airports needed the help from pilots because many airports are run by non-flying staff who may not completely understand proper land and air operations.  Most have no idea of what General Aviation is. Education of non-pilots became necessary and will always be an important issue for MAPA members.

By forming, the MAPA board was able to successfully to solve problems at Melbourne Airport and have a working relationship with the Melbourne Airport Authority and the Staff, who work hard to make MLB a terrific airport.  There are MAPA board members at every Authority meeting to know what is going on and to insure the continued communication between the pilots and the staff running the airport. The MAPA board has presented a Power Point Presentation to the board so they will understand what GA is and what a jewel of an airport MLB is to those of us who use it.

The goal of MAPA members is to keep a watchful eye on our local airports, help keep safety and important issues that surround General Aviation and to have fun with our favorite subject, flying and aircraft.

For fun, join us for a monthly breakfast at Eddie's Diner on Nasa Blvd at 8:00am on the second Saturday of the month.

By joining MAPA, you will help to continue the education of pilots and local citizens alike about General Aviation. It will also help you to insure your interest in GA in Brevard County. Another reason to join MAPA is the discount FIT Aviation gives on each gallon of fuel bought, by the members.   Members must show their MAPA card to receive the discount.

Get others to join.  Numbers mean something. We have more than 200 members and going strong.  Get involved and attend events and activities sponsored by MAPA.

Complete the following application and return it with $15.00a real bargain!

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